3 Project Management Mistakes That Can Sink Your Salesforce Implementation [And How To Avoid Them].

When it comes to project management, Salesforce implementations are no different from any other project.

It can be easy to miss some key factors and red flags that can greatly affect the scope and cost of the implementation. Here are three common mistakes that have the power to sink your Salesforce implementation.

1. Lack of Urgency

It is critical to have a project team that chases down answers. At any given time, there will be certain unknowns: a pending contract for a third-party app; the onboarding of a new developer; an outstanding requirement gap. A good project team doesn’t just wait for answers, but pushes to minimize uncertainty.

To be clear, we’re advocating urgency, not panic. Approaching a project with an optimistic ‘it will all work out in the end’ approach is not in the best interests of you or your stakeholders.

To instill the proper degree of urgency, put a deadline on every task and assign clear responsibility to one person. EightCloud uses several communication and collaboration tools, like Quip and Slack, to quickly follow up on tasks. Have frequent and productive check-ins where the team talks about what was done, what needs to be done and when it will be done.

2. Not Getting Proper Buy-in/Sign-off

Business can be political. Even if the implementation ticks all the boxes, leaving someone important out of the loop may erode trust, or even stop the project in its tracks.

One of the main reasons people skip sign-off is fear of holding back the project. However, failing to obtain sign-off or stakeholder buy-in could prevent you from gathering necessary requirements, important criticism, or valuable advocates.

Build sign-off into the project schedule and treat it exactly as you would any project deliverable. When meeting with an important stakeholder, be honest and transparent about what is being signed-off on. A skeptic will know when you’re leaving something out.

3. Unclear Understanding of the True Business Process

Here is a hypothetical. You’ve identified that Sales needs to be able to enter discounts, but you didn’t go deep enough to discover that there are approvals that need to be obtained for certain discount thresholds.

The business didn’t tell you because they currently get approval through email; they didn’t even think that Salesforce had an easy way to build approval processes. Now you’re left with an incomplete solution.

You can’t understand the big picture until you master the details. If your business process documentation does not speak to the real processes of the business, the end solution will fall short of meeting the right needs. In order to capture accurate business processes, you need to:

  • Involve the right people
  • Interview and shadow stakeholders
  • Document everything and refine your understanding

Sometimes the most important part of a Salesforce implementation has nothing to do with Salesforce. It’s about communicating clearly, setting expectations and understanding the business.

If you’re planning a Salesforce Implementation – or in the middle of one and need help – download our DIY Implementation Guide.


Author: Grant Ongstad, Salesforce Consultant

I could not have picked a better partner to help navigate us through the road blocks that popped up. They remained responsive to us the entire way through. I spent many phone calls bouncing process ideas and solutions off our consultant as we collaboratively developed solutions. Not just a vendor, but the definition of a true partner. We will continue to utilize EightCloud as a resource in our Salesforce instance."

- Justin Larsen, Abatement Technologies

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