EightCloud’s Leslie Gestautas To Present At London’s Calling: What You Need To Know About Migrating Data

EightCloud’s Leslie Gestautas will be presenting at London’s Calling, Europe’s largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals.

This session is packed with the basics of data migration that you absolutely must know, along with tips on how to transform and clean data to ensure that the final outcome results in useable and accurate data.

Since most businesses won’t go through a data migration experience frequently, it can become a very painful exercise with a steep learning curve. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare is the key to avoiding common pitfalls. 

Event Details:

“What You Need To Know About Migrating Data” with Leslie Gestautas

London’s Calling 2021

Friday, March 19, 2021 at 3:30 pm


For lots more information and insight on this complex topic, read the first two installments in our four-part series on data migration:

Part 1: Scoping

Data Migration requires careful planning. Identifying the scope of the data migration is the first step of a successful migration. Before diving into the techniques – data mapping, analyzing, transformation, ERD diagrams – take a step back and examine the business, its processes, how data is currently used, and how the business expects to use its data going forward.  Read More…

Part 2: Data Analysis

The purpose of this phase is to gain understanding, collect information, and establish a shared definition across the organization around its data. The analysis is the groundwork for the work ahead.  Read More…

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