Great Value Comes From Great Understanding

How does a Salesforce professional continually create value? Is it in having a mastery over the platform? Is it in the ability to demystify the capability of the tool for their clients? What about knowing how to use the suite of automation tools to accommodate a multi-step, complex business process?

Certainly, a bit of each.

I believe value is ultimately created from the extent that we can align our solutions and understandings with our client’s core business objectives.

Here are a couple examples of what that alignment process may look like.

Example A –

A client states “We need to enable Two-Factor Authentication for our internal users”. This is Simple enough of a task. Some might be satisfied implementing this requirement at face value. But what is the underlying business objective here?

 We create value by asking, “Why”?

“We want to avoid phishing attempts and data breaches”.

 “It seems like security is a big concern for you. Do you deal with sensitive customer data?”

“Absolutely! We need to avoid costly legal battles if our customer data gets in the wrong hands. We have had it happen to us before and it almost ruined us. It’s important for us to send a clear message to our customers that their privacy is our highest priority”.

The last response is aligned directly to a business objective. Being better aligned, we can take the solution further with these objectives in mind by recommending setting Login IP Ranges as well as predetermined Login hours.

Example B –

While on a discovery call with a Sales Manager

“I’d like to be able to status if a Lead priority is low, medium, and high.”

A Salesforce consultant might implement this simple solution and cross it off the list. The valuable professional presses for more. “How would assigning a priority to a lead help you?”

“Some of our inquiries are just for more information, while others are intent on making a purchase”

“And you want to be able to easily tell the difference?”

“Yes, and quickly! We spend thousands of dollars on our outbound marketing efforts and our data shows customers are more likely to buy the sooner we reach out.”

The solution is more than just a picklist. It’s about reducing costs and making sales. With the expanded understanding of the requirement, we can make other recommendations – like creating automation logic to automatically update the Lead Priority or consider how Einstein Lead Scoring can use AI to surface the best leads.

Listen, Learn.

Great value comes from great understanding. When a Salesforce Consultant can align themselves with the businesses they serve, they create an interdependent partnership based on a shared goal that continually creates massive value.

Strive to listen intently to your client’s pain points while being careful not take every request at face value. When you think you understand the problem ask ‘why’ and then ‘why’ again to refine that understanding, driving deeper to the real goal each time.

Check out some of our case-studies to learn how EightCloud successfully aligns with our clients goals to create lasting partnerships:

Author: Grant Ongstad, Salesforce Consultant.

The EightCloud team was professional and methodical in learning about our organization and understanding our needs. We greatly appreciated the transparency and thorough documentation along the entire development process (design docs, status updates, weekly check-ins). The knowledge and expertise of the EightCloud team was apparent as they were able to explain options and make recommendations."

- Michael Garcell, First 5 Orange County

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