Quip is Having a Big Moment

Have you ever wondered about the best way to leverage Quip across your organization? 

Quip came to our attention with a strong vote of confidence – it’s been completely adopted by Salesforce for their own use. But would it be as useful for us as it was for an enterprise-level global organization? We’re glad to emphatically answer – Yes!

Ever since we implemented this Salesforce-native integrated collaboration tool we’ve found that it not only met our internal needs but transformed and enhanced our client relationships along the way! It’s not an understatement for us to say that Quip has utterly transformed our teams and fully supports our culture of transparency.

EightCloud has always been a remote-based Salesforce consulting group, so we enjoy the chance to review and test new applications and products that enhance the way we work from anywhere – the good news is that recently many more “team collaboration” products have come to market as remote-based professionals have become more commonplace.


Let’s talk about – Quip!


How we use Quip

EightCloud uses Quip internally to support our day-to-day business tasks (honestly it’s become such an integral part of our work process that it’s hard to imagine we ever used anything else). The way Quip enables our commitment to transparency cannot be overstated – everything is better when we can work even more closely with our clients as a fully empowered team. Almost every feature we utilize can also be leveraged for our clients. We can share and interact with each other to our heart’s content.

For example, Quip lets us create and share folders and documents with our customers that are easily accessed with a browser or an app – whatever makes sense for them. They don’t need Quip licenses to participate.

So how does it work? Quip has a bucketful of functionality, but we lean on two fundamental features:

  1. The @mention Feature – this is the” “Swiss Army Knife” for Quip! On every document (text, spreadsheet, calendars, etc…), we can @mention another team member (or customer) on a specific item or line of a document, or in a Chat about the entire document. This brings the right people into conversations about the content.
  2. Edits and Comments happen in Real Time with Multiple Users – This is a different paradigm that eliminates “versioning” because everything in Quip is always Live, and here’s no need to hit “Save”. It enables one shared version of a document – everyone is literally on the same page. This alone has resulted in a major reduction of long email threads – but the full conversation history is always available in Quip. For those who want to continue to use email, Quip can notify anyone via email when a new comment is made.
And there’s more…

Quip makes it incredibly simple to:

  • Create and manage our own document repository (including Spreadsheets, Checklists, and the ability to add images and file links to Quip documents).
  • Keep important documents handy, using Favorites. Any user can create their own customized menu of links to documents (and users can organize them in personalized groups of Favorites too).
  • Enhance the focus for all team members – now we can all quickly see what’s happening on a project, and facilitate discussion and feedback, minimizing the need for excessive “status updates” and wasted time in meetings.
  • Drive greater consistency and standardization – any Quip document can be configured as a pre-built template so that the structure stays the same for future use.
  • Leverage the power of our own Salesforce data, by linking to Live Salesforce Reports within Quip documents.
  • Stay in the loop anywhere – the mobile app’s push notifications keep us up to date. We can easily navigate, comment, and collaborate on the go. It picks up right where we left off when switching between devices, and can also access Quip documents while offline, so Internet dead zones or spotty Wi-Fi doesn’t slow us down.
  • Continue to improve how we use it – Quip provides a complete support Library with great examples and walkthroughs for all of it’s functionality.

We’ve really just scratched the surface here. There’s still so much more to Quip – we encourage you to spend some time to learn more with the links below.

Trailhead Trail
Collaborate with Quip –

Quip Free Trial

Author:  Leslie Gestautas, Sr. Consultant at EightCloud is a recognized Salesforce Quip Champion for the Trailblazer Community. Email:

The team at EightCloud has consistently delivered projects on time and with great attention to detail. Our consultant is particularly adaptable to our changing needs and is always thorough and accountable on everything we ask him to engage on. Couldn't ask for a better partner as we scale out our implementation!"

- Michelle Wai, Arizent

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