Why Won’t Your Users Log In To Salesforce?

“What’s so hard for them to understand?” you say, shaking your fist in the air.

After investing in a Salesforce implementation, creating educational resources, and scheduling mandatory training, there are still users who aren’t doing it the right way. It’s affecting adoption and the higher-ups are beginning to hear more and more complaints about Salesforce.

Some reasons why your Salesforce User adoption may be suffering

Reason 1: The Implementation Does Not Solve for the Real Business Process

If the implementation did not involve the level of detailed analysis necessary to accurately capture business processes, then the result will be an implementation that feels disjointed to your users.

Here’s how to align your implementation with business needs:

  • Interview User Groups

Identify which groups have the hardest time adopting Salesforce. Talk to the most vocal critics of the current implementation. The temptation is to think they’ll never be satisfied, but the truth is that they want to be productive and have opinions on how to make the solution designed for them work for them.

  • Identify pain points in the current disjointed processes

While conducting interviews, identify the pain points and frustrations. Some of them may be ‘user errors’ and others will illuminate real problems that need to be solved.

  • Collaborate and document to-be Business Processes

Now that the pain points have been discovered, what would the perfect process look like? Maybe there are one or two steps in the process that can be removed or refined.

  • Implement and release

Build the proof of concept and socialize with your users. Collect constructive feedback, refine, and deploy. After deployment, follow up with your users to see how changes are improving their adoption. Implementation never ends, so keep on refining and improving.

Reason 2: Users Must Leave Salesforce to Get What They Need

Does your process call for frequent ‘pit stops’? For instance, do your users frequently need to:

  • Extract a Salesforce Report to a CSV and send to another group
  • Log in to a separate ERP to look up customer information
  • Calculate commissions in Excel

If your users spend more time out of Salesforce than in, they’ll start to wonder why they are there in the first place.

Users are smart. They are ultimately looking for efficiency and speed. If it’s easier to track information in Excel, they’ll be creating more and more workbooks. No matter how much benefit the platform provides to the business as a whole, if users are not given the most efficient way to use Salesforce they will not adopt it!


How to get users to log in to Salesforce [and stay there]

Explore Integrations

Identify tools that can make integration easier. Integration tools like MuleSoft make it easy to connect Salesforce to external applications and data sources. Learn more about MuleSoft here:

Search Salesforce AppExchange

Using a spreadsheet for Time-Tracking? There is probably a great solution on the App Exchange.

Use External Objects

If important data that needs to be referenced easily will continue to live outside of Salesforce, Salesforce provides a way to do it without using up precious storage.

External objects behave like custom objects but map to data that is stored outside Salesforce. Learn how to create and manage external objects here.

It’s tempting to blame the user when the problem is implementation. By focusing on the business processes and chasing down ways to increase the time users want to spend in Salesforce, you can create meaningful and positive change in adoption and perception.

Learn how to prevent and correct potential issues throughout the process with our free DIY Salesforce Implementation Guide.



Author: Grand Ongstad, Salesforce Consultant

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