EightCloud Announces Strategic Partnership with Jitterbit

Every corner of every business is now impacted by the critical need to access and intelligently utilize their data.

EightCloud has guided many of our clients through data migration and data integration initiatives. We have utilized a variety of tools in our engagements, each time becoming more advanced in our approach. We have undertaken projects utilizing Salesforce Data Loader, REST, SOAP, DBAmp, middleware such as Boomi, and Jitterbit, to name but a few. 

To formulate our data integration accelerator, we reviewed our past experiences and ultimately selected Jitterbit as our data migration / integration platform. As the industry leading integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaas) provider, Jitterbit offers our clients a smarter, more strategic approach to enterprise-wide integration.

EightCloud is proud to announce our partnership with Jitterbit to deliver faster and easier data migration and integration for our clients using their unified Harmony API integration platform. Here are just a few of the benefits this will provide:

  • As a Jitterbit partner, EightCloud is able to leverage the power of their innovative platform to map, transform, and migrate data across multiple end points by seamlessly connecting applications and platforms, whether cloud-based or on-premises.
  • We can quickly integrate thousands of applications with pre-built templates and workflows to eliminate data duplication, automate processes, and get the right information in our clients’ hands so they can excel at their jobs.
  • Jitterbit provides secure cloud and desktop-based tools to ensure our clients’ data stays safe.
  • Jitterbit’s attention to customer and partner success makes them a partner we can rely on to help ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

Learn why Jitterbit was named Gartner Quadrant Leader for the 5th consecutive year at

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I could not have picked a better partner to help navigate us through the road blocks that popped up. They remained responsive to us the entire way through. I spent many phone calls bouncing process ideas and solutions off our consultant as we collaboratively developed solutions. Not just a vendor, but the definition of a true partner. We will continue to utilize EightCloud as a resource in our Salesforce instance."

- Justin Larsen, Abatement Technologies

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