The Power of Table Actions

I am always looking for ways to be more efficient with my time as a Salesforce and Pardot consultant at EightCloud. Not surprisingly, my clients also want to be able to do more with their tools to save time. One tip I always share with my new Pardot clients is the power of Table Actions. The power of these actions is a rarely mentioned and lightly documented hidden gem that my clients absolutely love! In this post, I will share my top three Table Actions to power super-efficiency.

What is a Table Action?

A Table Action is a mass action you can apply on a list of assets or records in Pardot. Just navigate to any asset or record home where you see assets or records listed. Then Table Actions are seen in the dropdown located just under the list. There are a few standard Table Actions that are available for every list – Add Tags, Delete, and Remove Tags. There are additional Table Actions available depending on the type of list. Those are what I will focus on in this post.  The image below is of Prospect Table Actions from this Salesforce Support Article.

Template Management Superpower – Email Table Actions

One to one emails are a great way for salespeople to make use of Pardot email templates from within Salesforce (with the proper configuration) or from within Pardot. This feature is great for sales people because it makes sending tracked emails with the right messaging easy. This feature is great for marketers because it allows them to craft pre-approved messages for the sales team to help keep communication consistent. For an email template to be available for One-to-One sending, that attribute needs to be selected when creating the template.

Part of making the best use of this feature is making sure that only the most up to date email templates are available for use. This management is made easy by Email Table Actions. With Email Table Actions you have Disable and Enable Template for options. When either of these is selected, you can toggle on or off attributes that were set at creation of the template. For this example, choose Disable template for and One to one emails

Organization Superpower – Move to Folder

Many of my clients are new to the Pardot instance we are working on together. Often in reviewing the org, it becomes clear that a little clean up is needed. Maybe all of the assets got saved in the default “Uncategorized” folders. Maybe there was a structure put in place years ago that was not consistently followed. It is here that the Move to Folder table will help speed up the reorganization process. Every asset that is stored in a folder will have the Move to folder Table Action available (i.e. everything on the Marketing menu). Simply choose the Move to folder Table Action and select the folder you’d like to place the items in and hit go. The image below shows List Table Actions.

Pardot Admin Superpower – User Table Actions

Creating new users is made simple by importing your users with the import users feature. But there are settings that cannot be applied during import.  That is where User Table Actions take over.  Let’s say you have just imported 10 new sales users to the system. The default Email Preferences will have set the “Send monthly inactive automations report email” attribute on each of the users. But that email is not useful to everyone. With User Table Actions you can remove that setting from the new users in 4 clicks. First, select the new users from the list with the checkboxes to the left of the users. Next, choose “Set a notification preference” from the User Table Action list. Then select “Send monthly inactive automations report email”. Finally, select “Turn off for selected users”. That process is much quicker than clicking into each User and editing the email preferences one by one!

The three examples I’ve shared in this article should be a good start as you explore the power of Table Actions. I encourage you to experiment and the next time you have a task to complete on a number of items in Pardot, see if Table Actions can help! 

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