Winter ‘22 Salesforce Release Gem: Identity Verification is here. Use Your Face to Authenticate!

Identity verification is getting a face-lift (pun intended). Users can now register biometric built-in authenticators like Touch ID and Face ID.

Now during login, the user can be prompted to authenticate with this built-in authenticator.

Why the Change?

Over the past few years, most of us have come to realize the convenience of biometric authentication such as facial recognition and touch ID. Think about how much easier it is than remembering all your passwords.

Based on the FIDO2 Web Authentication Platform standard, these authenticators are highly secure. Biometric data is private and never leaves your device.

How to use it.

As an Admin:

To allow users to verify identity with built-in biometric authenticator:

  1. From Setup Quick Find, search for and select ‘Identity Verification’
  2. Select ‘Let users verify their identity with a built-in authenticator such as Touch ID or Windows Hello (Beta)”
  3. Save

(More instructions here.)

As a User:

These instructions and more are available here:

  • Your browser must support the Fodo2 webAuthn Platform standard. Currently these browsers are: Windows 10, Android, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.
  • Ensure Built-in Authenticator is set-up on your device (Touch ID, Face ID, Windows Hello). It’s recommended to also use another verification method in case you are locked out.
  • From “Person” settings, use quick-find box and enter “Advanced User Details.” If nothing displays, use the quick-find box to search for ‘Personal Information.
  • Scroll down to “Built-in Authenticators,” and hit “Add.”
  • When prompted by the browser, provide your identifier:

identity verification

  • Click “Save.”

(More instructions here.)

Where does this Change apply?

This change applies to Salesforce Classic and Lightning and is available in Essentials, Contact Manager,, Developer, Enterprise, Group, Performance, Professional and Unlimited Editions.

Author: Grant Ongstad, Senior Salesforce Consultant

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