Winter ’22 Salesforce Release Gem: Quality of Life Improvements with Enterprise Territory Management

To those who rely on it, Enterprise Territory Management is a great way to support territory-based Sales, allowing account sharing, sales collaboration and powerful reporting capabilities.

If you’re using this functionality, you’ll be glad to know that Salesforce has relieved some major pain points. As of the Winter ’22 Release, admins will now be able to:

  • Run territory assignment on a subset of Accounts
  • Put assignment rules on pause during Account insert

Why the Change?

This change addresses pain points of Enterprise Territory Management, mainly concerning the performance implications of running territory assignments.

Running territory assignment rules can take many hours and dramatically slow down performance of the Salesforce instance. Widespread record lock can temporarily occur, and this can adversely impact the usability of Salesforce during this time.

With these improvements, Salesforce Admins are able to perform minor updates to Account-Territory Assignment much faster, as this feature essentially allows a re-run for only the needed subset of assignment rules.

In the situation where new Accounts are being added, Salesforce Admins are able to pause a re-run of assignment rules until after the Account insertions are completed.

How Do I use it?

These features will be directly configurable by Salesforce Admins in Setup.

To run only a subset of territory assignment rules:

From “Run Assignment Rules”, an admin can specify a last-modified date range, other filter criteria, or both. For other criteria, standard and custom account fields, excluding reference and picklist fields, are available.

Enterprise Territory Management

To pause running assignment rules while creating new accounts:

From “Territory Settings” page, deselect Run territory assignment rules during account inserts and save your changes.

Where Is This Change Applied?

This change applies to Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Performance and Developer editions and in Enterprise and Unlimited editions with the Sales Cloud.

Author: Grant Ongstad, Senior Salesforce Consultant


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