Winter ‘22 Salesforce Release Gem: Salesforce Anywhere (Quip) Enhancements

Salesforce is delivering massive improvements for those who take advantage of Quip Integration. 

Salesforce Anywhere enhancements now allow you to: 

  • Create and edit Quip documents directly from Salesforce  
  • Global search Quip documents from Salesforce 
  • Utilize the Files related list and attach Quip documents 
  • Automatically populate Quip templates with Salesforce data 

Read more in the Winter 22’ Release Notes

Why the Change? 

Switching context between Salesforce and Quip can be an unnatural experience. It’s a common struggle to maintain workflow while navigating around your DMS to find and organize the right files at the right time. The “Salesforce Anywhere (Quip)” feature set greatly improves the preservation of context. This is going to be a big time-saver.  

Now, context will never be lost when working with Quip from inside of Salesforce! Quip is simply surfaced as a modal via either Global Action or the Files related list. 

Salesforce Anywhere Quip

Salesforce Anywhere

Salesforce quip

How Do I use it? 

Only a Quip Admin and Salesforce Admin can connect an existing Salesforce Anywhere (Quip) site. To complete the setup, first create a Client ID and Client Secret in the Quip Admin Console. 

  1. In Salesforce Setup, from the Quick Find box, enter “Salesforce Anywhere (Quip),” then select “Salesforce Anywhere.” 
  2. Click “Get Started.” 
  3. To connect your site, enter your Quip site subdomain and click Use your Quip Client ID and Client Secret. (NOTE: If you’re not a Quip site admin, ask the site’s admin for the Client ID and Client Secret.)
  4. Assign the Quip permission set to give your team access to Salesforce Anywhere. You can manually assign the permission set or assign it to everyone.  
  5. To see documents and spreadsheets in Global Search, validate and sync the external data source by following these steps:
    1. Click “Go To External Data Source.”
    2. Click “Validate and Sync” on the External Data Source page.
    3. If the Quip external data source is pending, click “Edit,” then “Validate and Sync.” 
  6. To complete the setup, tell your users to click “Take the Last Step.”  

Where Is This Change Applied? 

This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Professional, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. This is available only to joint Salesforce and Quip customers. 

Author: Grant Ongstad, Senior Salesforce Consultant


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