Working Remotely or Remotely Working?

As a 100% remote organization, the team at EightCloud is used to working remotely but we understand that not everyone has this familiarity. As many organizations are now encouraging their employees to work from home, we wanted to offer up these tips to help with a transition to a successful work from home experience:

Get in the right mindset

It may be tempting to lounge around while working from home, but this can be counterproductive. 

  • Many find that it is helpful to keep the same routine as when going into work including getting dressed as if going into the office. This helps keep the right mindset for work.
  • If possible, setting aside a space that is office space helps keep the focus. If you sit in a space that is dedicated to working, it helps keep the focus on “while I’m here, it is work time”.
  • Many use the commute time to and from work to gear up and gear down from work. When you work from home you don’t have a commute so it can be helpful to build in other routines to help you mentally engage and just as importantly disengage from work.

Working environment is important 

Take some time to set up a home office that is conducive to working. 

  • If possible, find a location with minimal distractions and that is relatively quiet. 
  • If you are using video conferencing, check the lighting in your area to ensure that your face will be appropriately visible without awkward shadows.
  • Review what is behind you to ensure that only things you want to have seen on a conference call are seen. 

Use web technologies wisely

There are many great web technologies and tools that facilitate communication while working remotely and we have worked with many of them. Here are some ideas to get the best experience:

  • Get a good headset. For those who are iPhone users, the wired iPhone headset that comes with your iPhone works great for conference calls if you can connect it to your computer. Another quality option is the Bose QC 35 headset – it has received high recommendations across the EightCloud team.
  • Find out the best way to connect to audio on your calls. Most conference call solutions offer computer audio and it is often easier to connect this way. However, many times computer audio can become degraded. If you experience sound quality issues, consider dialing in instead.
  • Use a communication platform that supports video engagement. We leverage Slack and GoToMeeting, both of which allow us to engage with our teams over video. Working from home can feel isolating, especially for those who are unaccustomed. Video interaction can help this tremendously.
  • Find out if your phone has a hotspot! Several mobile carriers include mobile hotspot as part of the plan. This can come in handy by providing a backup internet connection if your primary internet temporarily becomes unavailable.

We really like some of the various references compiled here. No matter you or your team’s situation and familiarity with working remotely, you’ll find some great tips embedded within the referenced articles.

We hope these tips help you as we all make adjustments during this time. 

EightCloud was instrumental in showing us all that Salesforce could help us achieve while also training our staff to make changes to Salesforce on our own in the future. They helped us achieve important strategic initiatives, stayed on their initial budget and were more than a pleasure to work with. We look forward to working with them more in the future!"

- Anna Summerlin, Gleneagles Group

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