It’s the journey that counts.

We like continuity. We also like creative problem-solving. In order to have both, you need a methodology that is efficient, scalable and predictable, while affording the flexibility to respond to the goals and processes of different industries and operations.

EightCloud applies the same delivery methodology – and the same experts – to both implementation and managed services engagements. This ensures a seamless transition by a well-versed team skilled at delivering features and tackling tasks in a highly efficient fashion.

The EightCloud Methodology



Deep-dive interviews with your business and IT stakeholders are the first step in building a clear picture of all strategic objectives and business processes relevant to your current and future Salesforce environment. The outcomes of this process include:

  • A clear understanding of engagement objectives and themes
  • A documented working model
  • A plan for feature and product acceptance, change management and ultimate delivery

User Stories & Acceptance Criteria

We work with you to create user stories that map strategic objectives to specific features, manageable tasks and acceptance criteria. By identifying each persona affected by the solution and clearly describing their needs and concerns, we make sure our team knows exactly what to build and when all user experience, solution behavior and security requirements have been satisfied.

Estimate & Prioritize

The targeted features are estimated by our Delivery team and prioritized for planned sprints. All details are included in our proprietary backlog management tool to enable a completely transparent and collaborative effort between EightCloud consultants and your team.

Sprint: Build, Test, Iterate

Delivering iteratively allows for more features to be released faster than a traditional “big bang” approach. Typically, our delivery methodology aims to release new features every four weeks, giving you the opportunity to test and incorporate feedback into subsequent releases until final acceptance is achieved. This results in greater efficiency and higher quality deliverables while easing the learning curve for your teams.


Once all acceptance criteria have been satisfied, it’s time to activate the release plan documented during the Discovery phase. Client sign-off is obtained and any necessary change management takes place.

Of course, a high level overview of our methodology can’t fully describe the impact our uniquely connected, transparent approach can have on all areas of your organization. Our people make the difference, just like yours do.

Let’s bring them together.


I have worked on many projects with EightCloud and every time it is well organized, executed to meet my needs, and is completed professionally. EightCloud is a great partner to work with!"

- Kent Bigham, Harmar

Let us craft a custom solution that will meet your current and future Salesforce needs and make your life easier.


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Partners and friends, we are proud to share the new EightCloud brand and website with you. Our transformation reflects our commitment to helping you achieve Salesforce excellence through a focus on efficiency, expertise and genuine partnership.

We wish you the best and look forward to connecting with you soon!

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