Who We Are

A community of expert advisors committed to your growth.

Underneath the sophisticated tools and analytics, Salesforce is all about building trust and maintaining positive relationships.

So are we.

EightCloud was founded in 2011 with a vision for providing an extraordinary depth and breadth of Salesforce expertise with much greater efficiency than the traditional consulting model. After a decade of refining our unique Managed Services offering, EightCloud was acquired by Navisite in 2021, adding our Salesforce practice to the capabilities of this leading global managed cloud services provider.

As a team of highly skilled Salesforce experts and trusted advisors, we share a passion for helping all types of organizations leverage the full potential of the world’s best CRM platform – and have fun doing it!


Guide public, private and nonprofit organizations to greatness through Salesforce success as a knowledgeable, trusted partner.

Core Values

What we look for in each other

Commitment  ·  Trust  ·  Passion  ·  Expertise

Guiding Principles

What we deliver


Align wide-ranging skills and resources to craft intelligent, lasting solutions. 


Share knowledge and insight to empower clients and colleagues to achieve greatness.


Consistently optimize processes and performance to drive productivity.


Lead continuous evolution of a confident, creative, analytical advisor.

Our Brand


People often ask us what our name means. In 2011, “Cloud” was big for SaaS companies, and used extensively by Salesforce, so we tried a thousand combinations with Cloud, but there were very few domain names available. Then we spotted

Yes, that’s right. Some companies have profound reasons behind their name; our reason was simple – the domain was available. However, we took a much more deliberate and value-driven approach to our rebrand.

In March 2020, we launched a new logo and website to authentically reflect our evolution as a truly unique Salesforce partner. We came to realize that the Eight is a symbol of infinity and a constant flow of energy and power. Using the number “8” communicates transformation and a confident partnership.

Our new interlocking icon instantly infused the “eight” in our name with a meaning that is integral to everything we do: a close, lasting connection with our clients built on trust and collaboration.

Early in 2011, Ajay Nair and Darryl Lemecha were reminiscing about their decades of business operations and technology leadership work, when the conversation turned to the hundreds of consulting companies they had hired over the years.

The common theme that soon emerged was one of missteps and missed opportunities that resulted from a purely transactional view of project engagements. Get in, get out and try to make the client relatively happy while maximizing the consulting firm’s revenue. 

There had to be a better way! With this shared realization, EightCloud was born.

The solution was simple – focus on building value for the client as a genuine partner for the long-term. Treat the client how you would want to be treated, even if it means giving up short-term profits.

With these values established, the choice of technology platform was next. What platform would provide the best value to clients by reducing technology risk, ensuring solution longevity and flexibility? The solution was obvious. Salesforce was superior by any measure, from how it’s built to the passionate community that surrounds it.

The service offering, on the other hand, had to be something new. Having been on the client side so many times themselves, the two knew that you can’t expect a client to know exactly what they need from the start. The relationship must be structured to provide the flexibility and guidance to allow them to grow into and evolve their solution, without breaking the bank. The model they conceived became the first Managed Services product for Salesforce.

Founder Profiles

  Darryl Lemecha

Darryl is a seasoned executive who has led global technology teams in high service-level and rapidly expanding companies to consistent top quality results. He is highly team-oriented and keenly focused on results.

Ajay Nair

Ajay provides leadership and expertise in developing people and strong partnerships. Ajay has led technology teams in multiple industries, developing talent and delivering strong bottom line results for his customers.

EightCloud has not disappointed. Right away, they stepped up to meet our aggressive timeline and dove right in. They are flexible with our changing needs and have remained incredibly responsive. I appreciate the proactive communication. I would highly recommend partnering with EightCloud!"

- Christie Madsen, Dreambox Learning

Let us craft a custom solution that will meet your current and future Salesforce needs and make your life easier.


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Partners and friends, we are proud to share the new EightCloud brand and website with you. Our transformation reflects our commitment to helping you achieve Salesforce excellence through a focus on efficiency, expertise and genuine partnership.

We wish you the best and look forward to connecting with you soon!

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