Salesforce Managed Services

We understand your dilemma.

Should you build an in-house Salesforce team or hire a consulting firm?

Both choices have their pros and cons.

With EightCloud, you get only the pros. Literally.

You simply can’t hire all of the expertise you’ll need to achieve your short- and long-term Salesforce goals. So how do you keep up with the rapid evolution of Salesforce?

Managed Services CertificationCertified Salesforce Managed Services Partner.

We are proud to be one of only a handful of partners worldwide that Salesforce has certified as an Expert-level provider of Managed Services.

EightCloud Managed Services:

A common sense way to deliver Managed Services for Salesforce CRM.

EightCloud is uniquely structured to provide the right skills for the right products at the right time to help your organization achieve operational excellence. We’ve organized our Managed Services offerings around common needs so you can pick a starting point that fits your situation.

On-demand Team

The Challenge:
You don’t have the time or budget to build and maintain a complete in-house Salesforce team and you need to enhance, optimize or maintain your environment.

Our Solution:
We can assemble a high performance team of experts including an Architect, Developer, Tech Lead, PM, Analyst and more.

Specialized Skills

The Challenge:
Your team has gaps in certain skills and specialties required to advance specific goals, and hiring one or more full-time employees (FTEs) is not practical or cost-effective.

Our Solution:
EightCloud can provide any combination of expert skills in increments of a fraction of an hour.


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Dedicated Guide

The Challenge:
You have a full team to execute on your Salesforce dreams and like the idea of a DIY approach, but you could use expert guidance.

Our Solution:
Scalable access to a highly experienced Solution or Technical Architect who can help you avoid roadblocks and get the results you want.

Reinventing managed services is why we went into business in 2011.

Having seen the pitfalls of the traditional consulting model, we decided to blaze a new trail by combining an agile methodology with a nimble team of highly experienced Salesforce rock stars. Our ability to do this consistently is built on three pillars:


Senior Salesforce Experts

Every person on our team is equipped and empowered to look beyond the tactical and help define and execute on your vision. We can develop extended roadmaps that align with your business and IT strategy to add incremental value over time.



Others give you a set number of hours with one resource. We seamlessly combine the skills required to meet your changing needs and manage your entire Salesforce ecosystem.

Architect  |  Developer
Analyst | Tech Lead
Project Manager | Admin



After a decade in business, we have remote service down to a science. We make it feel like we are sitting next to you with our domestic team. As you deem appropriate, we can engage our global resource teams to provide the same expertise with a very cost-effective structure.

“If we didn’t have EightCloud, the velocity of our projects would be much lower. It’s difficult to hire good people with the expertise we need for our systems.”


Krista Adams

Salesforce Administrator
and Scrum Master
Sound Physicians

Top-tier Talent. High-touch Service.

Cover all your Salesforce needs, or complement your team with specialized expertise across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Sales CloudService Cloud | Experience Cloud | Commerce Cloud

Tableau | Einstein | Lightning | Data Migration & Integrations

CPQ | Field Service | Development | And More

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Five Ways We’ll Make Your Life Easier:


No More Unicorn Hunting

If you’ve ever been part of a hiring cycle for qualified Salesforce people, you know that it is impossible to find someone who can do system administration, project management, business analysis, development, and architecture. That is because that person does not exist. We provide all those services in one flat-rate subscription through an effective fractional resource model.

Reduce Spend

Compared to the burdensome expense of recruiting and retaining a full-time employee, our fractional resource model will reduce expenditure over time.

 Focus on Your Core Competencies

You wear a lot of hats. We believe you should wear a hat that most closely aligns with your company’s central mission. When you are bogged down with administering your CRM platform, that equals less time to spend on your core competencies.

 Be More Agile

Your in-house admin may be in a training class all week or lent out to another project. We provide a variety of service level agreements, and we have continuity measures in place to ensure there is always someone available that doesn’t need time to get up to speed with your program.

 Peace of Mind

When all is said and done, wouldn’t it be great to know your Salesforce program is one less thing you have to worry about? On top of which, if you can also reduce expenses, you can invest in other priorities without having to make a trade-off.

The team at EightCloud has consistently delivered projects on time and with great attention to detail. Our consultant is particularly adaptable to our changing needs and is always thorough and accountable on everything we ask him to engage on. Couldn't ask for a better partner as we scale out our implementation!"

- Michelle Wai, Arizent

Let us craft a custom solution that will meet your current and future Salesforce needs and make your life easier.


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Partners and friends, we are proud to share the new EightCloud brand and website with you. Our transformation reflects our commitment to helping you achieve Salesforce excellence through a focus on efficiency, expertise and genuine partnership.

We wish you the best and look forward to connecting with you soon!

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